Need a Teams Demo?

Microsoft is making Teams its primary teamwork hub and so should you. Teams is an instant messaging, fire sharing, and collaboration platform for professionals that is bundled into Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft is also planning to bundle new Skype voice and video technology that adds advanced calling capabilities to Teams- meaning you can share ideas, files, collaborate, and even have meetings from one universal platform! If you aren’t familiar with Teams or just want to see an overview of how it works, we are now offering a free- no obligation- 30 minute demo by one of our Microsoft Certified Technicians. You can schedule an appointment directly with our technician at: Microsoft Teams Demo

What Is Teams?

In case you have missed our previous blogs on Microsoft Teams- Teams is a hub for teamwork. It is an app by Microsoft that helps you pull together a team, and work together using chat instead of emails, and channels instead of just file folders. It is a workspace where you and your team can securely edit files at the same, see likes, @mentions, and replies with just a single tap. It is a platform that your team can make its own by adding notes, web sites, and apps. And because it is in the cloud, everyone can work together no matter where they are. Teams is a solution that understands that having fun doesn’t just make you and your team more productive…it makes you all more creative!

For a step-by-step overview of Teams check out: Microsoft Teams Walkthrough

Teams Meeting and Calling

Team meetings are a quick and easy way for people in a channel to go from a conversation to an impromptu meeting. Anyone from the team can join, so people work in the open. Team meetings include audio, video, and sharing that is fast- meaning you always have a meeting space.

To start a team meeting, click the projector icon in a new conversation:

Or, keep the context of the conversation and bring in the people you’re already talking to by clicking the projector icon in an existing conversation.

To start a meeting or schedule a meeting from within a conversation, click the video icon inside your compose box (like above). A meeting window will appear:

Then click “Meet Now” or “Schedule Meeting” the meeting will then appear in the conversation, and people who’ve favorited the channel will see its started.

If you are interested in learning more about Teams, or just want a high level overview of the application, OnPar is offering a free- no obligation – 30 minute demo with one of our Microsoft Certified Technicians. Simply go to to get started, and schedule the appointment right from the webpage!