Give your Teams Chat a Title

Microsoft Teams is an impressive corporate chat application. Many consider Teams to be the best new application released by Microsoft in the past 3 years. And, it has one major advantage over its competitors (like Slack) because it comes with most Office 365 subscriptions, which means many companies already own it. Like other chat tools, Teams lets you set up multiple teams and channels (discussion areas), share and store files, and conduct live voice and video meetings (it currently integrates with Skype for Business and will replace it in the coming years). As part of the Microsoft Office365 suite, Teams integrates with other Microsoft apps like Word, OneNote, Planner, and SharePoint. If you company has begun working in Teams, this month’s weekly tips and tricks series will help you to get more out of this amazing application.

Within Microsoft Teams, channels typically contain numerous conversations. To help a specific chat stand out and to make it more searchable, give it a title. For example, if you are chatting with someone from operations about a new company policy or procedure, call the chat “New company policy regarding product procurement” and those keywords will pop up when you do a later search.

When the channel is busy, using a subject line can help your topic stand out.

Adding a subject to your conversation is easy. Just click the button to expand the compose box (it looks like an “A” with a pen) and enter your subject text in the Subject line. Type your message and press Enter to post your new conversation.

Productive Conversations

Did you know you can set up a Twitter feed for your Team? And many other services, too, including Trello, GitHub, Bing News, and more. With Office 365 Connectors, it’s easy to connect many of your favorite apps and services. Here’s how:

  1. Right-click the channel you want to add a connector to.
  2. Select Connectors.
  3. Search for the connector(s) you want to add to the channel.
  4. Click Add, and follow the prompts.The Activity tab notifies you when somebody @mentions you, likes something you posted, or replies to a thread you started. The number on the Activity bell indicates how many alerts you have waiting.

    You’ll find the Activity tab at the top of the navigation pane on the left.

    What’s on your activity feed