What you need to know about OneDrive and SharePoint Backup

What You Need to Know About OneDrive and SharePoint Backup, Recovery and Archiving

OnPar is pleased to announce that we now offer OneDrive and SharePoint backup, recovery and archiving through Dropsuite, the leader in backup and archiving. There is a false impression that data created and stored in cloud ecosystems such as Office 365 doesn’t need to be backed up beyond the native offerings. This simply isn’t true. DropSuite goes beyond the Microsoft backup limit of 30 days, meaning any files in OneDrive or SharePoint older than 30 days can be backed up and even restored.

Employees can accidentally delete important business data. If you aren’t utilizing a solution to backup data, that means those important business files could be gone forever. Nothing makes business-owners more concerned than the fear that their valuable email history of conversations, contracts, attachments or commitments has been inadvertently deleted or even maliciously destroyed by someone inside their business. In the same way businesses buy insurance to cover liability, fire damage or theft — every business needs to be backing up their Office 365 data (and in some cases, archiving that data too).

Hackers, or more likely clumsy employees, can accidently delete data. And if the realization that the data is gone happens after 30 days then that data is gone forever if you are only using Microsoft Office365’s native backup methods. However, with OneDrive and SharePoint Backup and Archiving offered through OnPar any records beyond 30 days old can be backed up and importantly, recovered using a backup outside of Microsoft’s cloud solution.

Dropsuite through OnPar is a cloud-based solution that simplifies administration and offers further protection from localized data disruptions. Data transfer is handled through military grade encryption which means data is protected both going to the backup as well as being delivered when restored.

Simple Administration and One-Click Restore Feature

Included in Dropsuite is the ease-of-use of the administration panel. This user-friendly administrative panel makes setting up, automating and administering OneDrive and SharePoint backup and archiving a breeze. Even better, should a recovery be required, the simplicity of the one-click restore takes all the work out of replacing lost, damaged or encrypted files. One-click restore may not sound like a big deal, but when data has been hacked and the pressure is on to get the files back immediately, being able to use the one-click restore takes all the worry and stress out of an already very stressful situation.

If you’re like most organizations, you’re not really sure until disaster strikes — and then, it’s too late. Why take the risk? It’s not a matter of if a data disaster will strike — it’s only a question of when. Protect the lifeblood of your business — your data. Get started with Dropsuite today, contact us at: 919-926-9619 or email us at: sales@onpartech.com