Is Your Business Still Using Faxes? If so, BEWARE!

Did you know that a cybercriminal can compromise your business just by having a Fax Machine number? All they need to do is gain control over your printer then infiltrate the rest of the network connected to it. That means servers, computers, confidential information, etc. could all be compromised with just a fax number.

Since most fax machines today are integrated into all-in-one printers, connected to a Wi-Fi network and PSTN phone line, a cybercriminal can easily send a specially crafted image file via fax then seize control over an organization. And what’s worse- all the cybercriminal needs is the Fax number- which can usually be found simply by browsing a corporate website or requesting it directly.

While faxing isn’t as prevalent today as it was years ago, there are still over 300 million fax numbers and 45 million fax machines in use globally. Many small business organizations, regulators, lawyers, bankers, and real estate firms use fax machines today. Ideally in this day and age moving away from a fax machine could better safeguard your business- but we know that’s not always the case.

How Can I Protect My Organization?

    1. Disconnecting the fax line when not sending or expecting a fax can reduce your risk.
    2. Check your printer make and model for patch updates
    3. Add authentication checks to network printers so only authorized users can initiate printing
    4. Segregate your printers by putting them into their own separate network
    5. Understand that plugging a printer into a phone line opens up an additional avenue for a potential attack
    6. Ensure your IT systems are being monitored and protected by your internal IT department or a Managed Service Provider

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