September is National Disaster Preparedness Month: Is Your Business Prepared?

Is your business prepared for the worst-case scenario when a storm arrives? Having a disaster preparedness plan can help you know exactly what to do before a storm arrives and compromises your business. OnPar Technologies is here to help.

Last year Hurricane Harvey destroyed over 40% of Houston’s small businesses. That number is astonishing! During hurricane season minimize the effects of a potential disaster by implementing tactics to safeguard your business.

Protect Your Bottom Line!

The most common causes of server downtime include hardware failure, software corruption and human error. However, 20% of business also suffer downtime due to fire, flood, theft, or other natural disasters with 44% of them never recovering. Why? They most likely didn’t have a disaster recovery plan.

A lot of small business owners have the mindset that “it cant happen to me” and while that might be the case, isn’t it better to be safer than sorry?

Disaster Preparedness Is A Business Priority:

    1. Putting off developing a plan puts your business at risk. We’re here to help you get started.
    2. Use the cloud for anything you can: many businesses keep critical servers, systems, and data on site. While this might make it easier for your IT team to service, it can spell doom if your office takes on damage from a natural disaster. Cloud storage and web apps ensure your data is always available
    3. Back everything up, everywhere: Don’t limit your backups to just obvious stuff. If your company uses smartphones and mobile apps as part of its workflow, make sure the data on those devices is also backed up
    4. Secure all your backups: Encrypt all your files- whether online or on a hard drive. Otherwise, stolen information could put your critical data in the wrong hands
    5. Ensure your tech is safe: Out-of-date operating systems and unpatched software can be rife with security holes. Avoid those exploits and make sure your using the latest version
    6. When in doubt, ask for help! Even when there isn’t a disaster to contend with, running a small or medium sized business can be a handful! If you need access to an IT expert that can ensure your disaster response plan is built for success then contact OnPar Technologies at 919-926-9619 or via to take advantage of a free disaster recovery audit