Improve Collaboration & Sharing with Groups for Outlook

Setting up distribution lists usually means sending contact names to your IT team. If someone isn’t included, they’re at risk of missing out on important email messages. Groups for Outlook eliminates the risk by allowing users to create groups for emailing.
Essentially, the feature lets you create a shared workspace for collaboration. In addition, you can also share files, calendars, inboxes, and even OneNote files. Here’s how to set it up:
1. Launch Outlook 2016
2. Select “New Group” on the Home tab

3. In “Create Group” window, fill in the required details i.e. name, email ID, description, classification, and privacy level, (Public or Private).
Note: Group Email addresses can’t be changed once the group has been created.

4. Choose “Advanced Options” and check the group conversations box to allow members to receive emails in their personal inbox or leave it un-checked if you want them to access the group’s mail just from the group’s inbox, and then select “Create” to proceed.

5. Add members, description, and a display image for the group, and then click “OK.” You can add members after creating the group as well.

6. Click “Add” and your newly created group will appear in the left navigation. You’ll also receive a Welcome email in the inbox for your group.

If you’re like most workforce users, you use Outlook day-in day-out. This feature will help you be able to better communicate when using Office 365 Groups from Outlook 2016. So far, the integration is comprehensive and works well. Give it a try today! Contact OnPar Technologies at 919-926-9619 or