OnPar Launch

OnPar Launch is OnPar Technologies new customer service portal available to all of our Office365 users.  The following tips and tricks will show you how to login to this portal and how to check messages that will be sent to you from OnPar Technologies.  We believe that this new form of streamlined communication will unclutter your inbox and give you a single location to find all news from our company.  Thank you for your business!

How to Login to OnPar Launch

1 Go to https://www.onparlaunch.com

2. Click “Log In with Microsoft” and the bottom right of the box.

3. Click”Log In with Microsoft” again on the next screen

4 Enter your email address in the pop-up box

5. Click “Work or School Account”

6. Enter your Office365 (email) password and click “Sign In”

How to Check Messages in OnPar Launch

1 On the left side menu, choose “Company” and click on “Messages”

2. You will then see all messages sent to you from OnPar Technologies (these will include monthly newsletters, tips and tricks, press releases, information about current threats, etc.)

How to Sign the 2019 Microsoft Cloud Service Agreement (needs to be completed by 2/28/2019)

1 Once logged in, select Account on the left side menu

2. Click Accept

If you have any questions please call 919-926-9619 or email support@onpartech.com

Please join us on February 7th, 2019 at 2:00pm EST for a training webinar on OnPar Launch.

Register Here: https://onpartech.com/onpar-launch-webinar/