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A Shred Ahead – This shredding company was looking for technology solutions to help them improve their growth.

Business Challenge

A Shred Ahead is a successful, growing document shredding business. They are reliable, efficient, trustworthy and competitively priced. They have built a very successful business model which has a central communications and operations organization that directs scheduling and route management to drivers. The centralized structure allows the organization to scale up and integrate acquisitions quickly and efficiently.

However, A Shred Ahead was beginning to feel limits on their growth. They believed there were technology options that would allow them faster, more efficient ways to communicate to their drivers and remote staff, but their current IT provider offered no suggestions and appeared uninterested in being a strategic IT partner. A Shred Ahead believed that in order to leverage their structure and to keep up with their growth trajectory that they needed a proactive technology partner.


Unshackled by the limitations of their old technology, A Shred Ahead continues to grow rapidly. Their new equipment is more efficient and less equipment is required. Acquisition integration is now quicker and more accurate. Driver efficiency is increasing. While business performance has improved, the cost of IT support has actually decreased by 20%.

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Prompt Service – they are there when you need them! We are very happy to be working with OnPar Technologies!
John Chapman Business Owner, A Shred Ahead


A Shred Ahead met the OnPar Technologies team and asked us to assess their needs. We took time to understand the A Shred Ahead business model, growth plans, current geographic footprint, current software and hardware, and their remote staff needs. OnPar Technologies recommended and implemented an array of options to improve efficiencies, upgraded A Shred Ahead’s hardware and centralized their software and data management via a cloud computing solution.

OnPar Technologies centralized commonly used data through Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure cloud products. All software is now consistent and remote employees and new acquisitions have access to accurate, timely data and are operating on the same software. Onboarding is quick and easy. The cloud products also gives A Shred Ahead a disaster recovery solution that has all of their business critical data remotely stored and immediately available.


  • Faster, more efficient communications with drivers and remote staff
  • Access to current, timely data and common software platforms company-wide

Solutions Implemented

  • Timely data analysis and software access through Microsoft 365.
  • Centralized, immediate communications infrastructure with Skype for Business formerly Lync.


  • Continued double-digit company growth
  • 20% reduction in IT support spending