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Staying Compliant: Saving Time, Increasing Productivity, and Safeguarding Patient Information Through A Hosted Exchange Migration

Business Challenge

Abbey Hospice, a privately owned hospice that has been in business for 17 years, provides hospice services to patients at home as well as in their standalone inpatient unit. Their staff of 85 employees are dedicated to providing the best care for loved ones in body, spirit, and mind. Because Abbey Hospice is a private healthcare organization, it is imperative that they utilize technology that is HIPAA compliant and is always functioning correctly throughout all platforms for their patients.

Facing an upcoming expiration with their current provider, Abbey Hospice began their three-month search for an affordable solution that would allow them to be compliant with federal regulation and offer them a new sense of flexibility.

They were experiencing consistent inconveniences such as service drops, contacts disappearing or repopulating, limited space for employee mailboxes, and no additional services such as calendars, global address lists, or even the ability to leave an out-of-office notification on their e-mail.

Their search led them to their partnership with OnPar Technologies. They chose OnPar Technologies because of the customer service they were receiving as well as OnPar’s ability to adjust the rates based on Abbey Hospice’s needs.


OnPar Technologies was tasked with migrating their e-mail to Office 365 Hosted Exchange. In doing so, Abbey Hospice was able to become compliant with Federal regulation, it provided them the flexibility needed to move forward with projects instead of constantly dealing with maintenance issues, and it continues to allow them to be vigilant in patient care as they can focus more on their patients and less on technical issues.

They chose the O365 platform because of the flexibility features it offers, allowing them to collaborate in meetings and trainings across the organization. The vast amount of storage space enables them to keep all their emails in one place rather than on multiple servers. Through the various tools they have also experienced an increase in productivity across the entire organization.

“The OnPar team is amazing. Donna kept in constant contact and always made our concerns her concerns. She went over and beyond to make sure we had everything that we needed in order to become a customer”
Shelia Belcher IT Strategist , Abbey Hospice

“Everyone that I have come into contact with at OnPar has been very professional. The fact that they were able to get us completely migrated in a couple of days was amazing. The migration was seamles and I was able to get all the information that I needed.”

Sheila Belcher IT Strategist , Abbey Hospice

Business Challenge:

  • Limited by an outdated e-mail provider that was not compliant with Federal Regulations
  • Implementation of additional services was too expensive with their provider at the time
  • Productivity was lowered due to constant technical issues.
  • Solutions

  • Migrated e-mail, calendars, and contacts to Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  • Allowed company to become HIPAA compliant through newer technology
  • Results

  • Increased productivity
  • Better platform for collaboration and storage of important company information
  • Ability to save time from dealing with technical issues to focus more on patients