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Moving To The Cloud : Reducing Costs and Enabling Mobility

Business Challenge

Founded in 1949, the Arts Council of Winston Salem is dedicated to creating an environment in which the arts flourish and enrich the quality of life in Forsyth county and surrounding cities. The Arts Council achieves this by effectively and efficiently raising funds and creating grants to strengthen its broad array of resources, promoting the arts.

Currently the Arts Council is comprised of 26 employees and they strive to be the responsible leader and principle advocate for a formal, collaborative relationship between the public and private sectors. They work to raise funds and allocate resources to arts organizations that fulfill their expressed missions and commitments to the community.

OnPar Technologies and The Arts Council began a partnership through the discussion of working within an older infrastructure. During these discussions, it was clear that the Arts Council had been working with an IT provider that didn’t offer cloud solutions.


“Our experience with OnPar has been exceptionally straightforward and efficient. They are timely in our requests. They do what they say they will do. They have adhered to the expectations we have and delivered the results. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship”

Ron Smith
Director of Facilities and Maintenance
The Arts Council of Winston Salem


They thoroughly understood that in order to advance their company technologically, they would need to adjust their partnership and work with a company that could progressively and systematically take them to the cloud. Thus, their relationship with OnPar began.


With OnPar Technologies’ help, the Arts Council’s goal of moving to the cloud was accomplished. In doing so, OnPar was able to move their email to Hosted Exchange with O365 which in turn gave the Arts Council the required up time of 99.9% on their email server.

The migration also allowed the Art’s Council to implement the latest Office 2016 with OneDrive and SharePoint, allowing its users to work
remotely with just an internet connection and eliminating the difficulty of utilizing VPN
connections. This change enabled the mobility the Art’s Council had wanted but previously lacked. Their work demands that its staff be mobile so that they are able to manage special events, make calls on potential donors, or present information to a crowd constituents; thus, remote access is crucial.

Because the Arts Council is also a Non-Profit organization, they were able to take advantage of significant discounts offered by Microsoft for Microsoft products, and in some instances products were free.



  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Limited by an older infrastructure caused productivity issues
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]With their current provider they did not have access to cloud solutions
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Could not be a mobile workforce as they lacked mobility options

Solutions Implemented:

  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Implemented O365 and Hosted Exchange Online
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Migrated the company to the cloud


  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Access to O365 products and applications
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Increased productivity and mobility
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Reduction in costs


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Since the Arts Council has moved to the cloud and implemented O365, they now have access to the world’s most powerful suite of productivity tools from anywhere. They have also experienced a reduction in costs as they do not have to buy additional software or licenses.

Their employee’s productivity has significantly increased with goals being accomplished in a shorter period of time. They have been able to experience a new level of mobility as they can
perform their job duties from various locations and platforms.