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Do you need a cybersecurity solution for your business? Studies show that at least 50% of small and medium sized businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks. But with the right security in place, even small businesses can stay protected from attacks ranging from ransomware to Advanced Persistent Attacks. Bitdefender protects all the things that keep your business going: workstations, servers, mailboxes, and mobile devices.

OnPar Technologies utilizes Bitdefender technology to safeguard your business. With Bitdefender technology you can expect:

  • Light Weight Solution: Bitdefender is optimized for cloud and virtualization with centralized smart scanning leading to 30% performance improvement compared to other traditional security vendors.
  • Specialized Models: Utilizing specialized local machine models and behavior analysis techniques, Bitdefender is trained to spot hacking tools, and exploit malware techniques. It effectively blocks attacks that both traditional endpoint and ‘next-gen AV’ defenses miss.
  • Next Generation Protection: With next generation machine learning protection technology doubled by real time process monitoring prevents advanced targeted attacks.
  • Don’t let exploits, file-less attacks, script based attacks, ransomware, phishing, or unknown malware get your business down. Let OnPar Technologies transform your cyber security efforts!