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Merging Into One: Consolidating Platforms into Microsoft Office 365

Business Challenge

Component Estimator is a material takeoff company that has been in business for over 5 years. Mike King, president of Component Estimator, is responsible for managing a team of 10 employees and overseeing sales, operations, and accounting. Component Estimator provides services that support lumber yards and builders throughout the country. Such services include the ability to breakdown building blueprints and outline the material needed to construct those buildings.

Component Estimator was using multiple platforms to manage their daily internal communication operations which included GoDaddy, Drop box, Go-To-Meeting, and various Office Suites. In addition, they were also utilizing two meeting platforms: the free skype application and Go-To-Meeting. Go-To-Meeting limited their meeting capabilities based on how many licenses were rented, while the free version of Skype required purchasing credits for outgoing calls

With Component Estimator growing in size, it was apparent that the company and its employees needed to invest in a higher level of organization.

OnPar began by setting up and configuring a new Microsoft Office 365 tenant for Component Estimator. Once this was setup they began migrating email, contacts and calendars from GoDaddy to Office 365.

In addition to a Hosted Exchange Migration, OnPar also implemented a SharePoint intranet site to take the place of drop box. OnPars Client Services Coordinator then provided design services as well as migrated all data from drop box to the site.

Finally OnPar implemented Skype for Business taking the place of the free version of Skype and Go-To-Meeting.


As a result of the migrations, Component Estimator has been experiencing more stability and communication especially during meetings. Whereas before they only had a certain number of Go-To-Meeting licenses which limited their ability to hold multiple meetings simultaneously, with Skype for Business they no longer have that issue.

Overall the biggest improvement has been the ability to have various software’s housed within one application. Component Estimator now can work from anywhere at anytime, has the tools for fast and easy collaboration between employees, and has a hub where they can centrally manage all their business apps.

“Overall I am very pleased with OnPar. The operations staff is very friendly and helpful.”

Mike King CEO, Component Esitmator

Ideally, they needed a solution that could house numerous applications and give them the flexibility they needed to expand.

While researching the Skype for Business features to replace the free version of Skype and Go-To-Meeting, Mike King stumbled upon Office 365 and realized that O365 could provide additional beneficial features that also included Skype for Business.

Once Component Estimator figured out the solution they wanted, they interviewed several companies before deciding on OnPar Technologies.


To alleviate Component Estimator’s internal communication issues, OnPar Technologies made it their mission to migrate the various solutions that were being used into one application.

Business Challenge

  • Various platforms to manage communication operations
  • Applications weren’t keeping up with company growth


  • Hosted Exchange Migration
  • SharePoint Implementation
  • Configuration of Microsoft Office 365 tenant
  • Skype for Business


  • Stronger sense of stability during meetings
  • One main application being used within company
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