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Croasdaile Dental Arts – A successful dental practice wanted to find a reliable IT partner to help them eliminate downtime.

Business Challenge

Croasdaile Dental Arts is a successful, growing dental practice with several dentists serving as many as 15-20 patients at any one time. As with many businesses, Croasdaile is exceptional at their core business and relies on experts in areas, like information technology, to help them ensure their business runs smoothly.

Croasdaile had chosen an IT partner that was supposed to be an expert in their industry. Other practices in the dental industry used this vendor and Croasdaile assumed they had the knowledge and expertise to help them as well. Over time Croasdaile began to have system failures causing downtime. Ultimately, Croasdaile was experiencing downtimes as many as 20 times a year. Since the backup process was poor and dated, their recoveries from downtimes were long and files were often lost.


With a new system and new protocols in place, Croasdaile hasn’t experienced a downtime event in 24 months. Croasdaile credits OnPar Technologies with saving them more than 40 hours of lost time per year and also lost patients, which equates to thousands of dollars. Efficiencies have improved due to availability of accurate data from their central database. While the improved performance, uptime reliability and better access to data were benefits enough to justify the change, Croasdaile also saw a cost reduction of more than 33% using OnPar Technologies.

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We had been with our previous IT company for more than 10 years. We knew it was time to make a change to stay current with technology and thrilled that we found OnPar. From the initial consultation it was apparent they maintain a high level of expertise and professionalism. They are very responsive to client requests. They are very knowledgeable and rarely if ever can they not find an immediate fix to problems and concerns. Our transfer over to OnPar was flawless. And, the installation of new computers and servers was performed in less time than anticipated. There were a few minor glitches along the way and which is to be expected in a new network setup but were resolved very quickly. Overall everything went smoothly. And, we are so happy that we made the switch to OnPar
Christi Bintliff Practice Manager, Croasdaile Dental Arts


Croasdaile decided that the downtimes were far too many and were disappointed that no long-term solution was being offered. They decided to partner withOnPar Technologies. We began the relationship by an in-depth assessment of Croasdaile’s processes, software, hardware and business objectives.

OnPar Technologies recommended a solution that offered an on-site server for quick access to large dental imagery files and a cloud based backup system and cloud based database for files where remote locations needed access. Their hardware was improved and recovery processes were implemented so in case of downtime, recovery could occur in minutes versus hours. In addition to on-site staff, we could monitor the system remotely and anticipate issues before downtime occurred.


  • Eliminate downtime
  • Provide secure and reliable backup

Solutions Implemented

  • Reliable hybrid cloud and on-site server
  • Centralize data and network with Azure


  • Saved more than 40 hours of downtime per year
  • 33% reduction in IT expenses