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Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: OnPar’s Implementation of SharePoint with
Fitch Consulting

Fitch Consulting delivers specialized, bespoke advisory services to bilateral and multilateral development agencies, governments, business, and not-for-profits. Their services are designed to improve the ability of people and organizations to transform the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. A significant part of its work is for agencies that fund humanitarian and international development work (including various parts of the United Nations such as UNICEF and UNDP) throughout the world, as well as organizations involved in the performance of such work.

Using a methodology that has been evolved over many years, Fitch Consulting helps to fuse diverse talents around a motivating purpose and shared principles, empowering people to continually create value for their stakeholders, while enabling continuous and collective adaptation to circumstance. They succeed by focusing on what fundamentally needs to change and then devise tailored strategies that help to change people, organizations and communities for good. Robert Fitch founded the company in 2010, and he is primarily responsible for winning and delivering a portfolio of consulting assignments and leading the development of all aspects of the firm and its methodologies.

Business Challenge

Fitch Consulting creates value for their stakeholders from the knowledge they acquire and develop In order to manage that knowledge they had implemented a robust framework. However, as Fitch Consulting continued to grow one of their critical challenges was the ability for diverse stakeholders to access that framework and collaborate around that knowledge.
Essentially, they needed a platform that included a document sharing and collaboration tool to better accommodate the sharing of information to their stakeholders. For 15 months Fitch Consulting had been looking for a solution. While they had already acquired SharePoint through their O365 subscription, they needed to decide whether it was the best application to accommodate their needs while getting the maximum benefit from the app. With limited experience and understanding of SharePoint, and unsure of it’s potential, they decided to invest in outside expertise.


OnPar Technologies partnered with Fitch Consulting to setup a SharePoint site. SharePoint offered the compatibility with business critical facilities as well as the opportunity to integrate useful tools. An example of this was being able to provide project teams with access to the Microsoft Teams application, giving them a dedicated way of collaboration around the knowledge platform.

Using OnPar’s in-house SharePoint development and design services, OnPar created Fitch Consulting a SharePoint homepage that included a calendar, company announcements, and customized branding to reflect their corporate culture. In addition, OnPar reorganized Fitch’s virtual file structure for their stakeholder documents and created an easily accessible document library. In doing so, they created subsites to easily distinguish between departments and documents therein for better overall organization.

Finally, OnPar migrated their data from their old non-customized SharePoint site to their new SharePoint site.

“We enjoyed working with OnPar Technologies and appreciated the advice and guidance that we received. You were clear about what you would do, why you were doing it and how it would be done. You then delivered what you said you would do. We feel much more confident in what we can do with SharePoint, and indeed more broadly with important apps within O365.”
Robert Fitch CEO & Owner, Fitch Consulting

  • Needed an attractive and easy to usecollaboration platform
  • Limited understanding of SharePoint andcapabilities
  • Growth stumped accessible framework forStakeholders


  • Migration of old SharePoint site to new site
  • Implemented and designed SharePoint site
  • Reorganization of document file structure foreasy access


  • Changes in information sharing
  • Lower reliance on email
  • Stakeholders have added more value
  • Greater effiency of project teams


Since implementing SharePoint, Fitch Consulting has begun to witness changes in behavior in information sharing and an overall lower reliance on email correspondence.

There has also been an added benefit of stakeholders being more involved thus adding value to the overall knowledge.

Robert Fitch states: “SharePoint provided us with the best collaboration platform. It readily supported our existing systems for organizing our knowledge. It then provided us with the vital tools for sharing this knowledge. It also enabled us to include additional functionality to enhance the efficiency of project teams.”

Fitch Consulting anticipates more considerable gains over the next 2 years, including how their clients and partners perceive their organization. As a small business, it is imperative that Fitch Consulting demonstrates an elevated use of technology.

Overall, the decision to move to SharePoint was fueled by the need for growth of their knowledge base, stakeholder engagement and project delivery. Overtime, Fitch expects an initiative that will encourage a greater investment of time in knowledge management.

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