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Business Challenge

The Get Movin’ Crew LLC is a service-based company that organizes and implements exciting and successful school fundraisers through Fun Runs, Walk-A-Thons, Read-A-Thons, Dance-A-Thons, Spell-A-Thons, or any A-Thon. In business since 2007, The Get Movin’ Crew helps schools, PTA’s, PTO’s and other non-profit organizations raise money through educational and health/wellness-based fundraisers. Their staff of 18 aims to help teach health and wellness and increase educational value through these fundraising events.

The Get Movin’ Crew started helping schools in their home state of Michigan and expanded to a nation-wide organization with online services in 2012. As their services began to expand, they realized the need to consolidate and improve their software and application services into a single platform to encourage ease of use and improve productivity.

Using a mixture of services (Host Monster for email services, DropBox for document storage, and personal cell phones for phone service), The Get Movin’ Crew began their six-month search for an affordable solution that would allow them to house their technology solutions under one umbrella and decrease costs.

They were experiencing limited space for document storage in DropBox as well as a problem with duplicate documents as DropBox did not allow version history. Their search led them to their partnership with OnPar Technologies. They chose OnPar Technologies because of OnPar’s knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, a detailed and well-outlined proposal, and the reasonable implementation costs for OnPar’s services.


OnPar Technologies was tasked with migrating their e-mail to Office 365 Hosted Exchange, setting up a SharePoint Online site (as well as migrating their data from DropBox into the new SharePoint site), and implementing the Office365 Phone System. These solutions allowed The Get Movin’ Crew to house all of their email, documents, graphics, and phone system within the Microsoft offering. The Office365 Phone System was originally not in the plan but once the decision-makers saw the features, capabilities, and value, the phone system was an obvious choice to replace personal cell phones.

With many staff members working remotely in other states, Office365’s Skype for Business would allow staff members to keep in touch and work together more easily. And, with more than 1TB of space in SharePoint Online, the DropBox storage limits were to be eliminated and the staff could now share documents amongst each other and external users without hassle or the duplication of existing documents.

They chose the Office365 platform because of these features in addition to the extra applications available within the license including the 50GB mailboxes, OneDrive storage for individual data storage, and other applications they could explore at their leisure to further the organization’s collaboration.

“OnPar Technologies was very professional, knowledgeable and the staff was very nice to work with. They kept their promises and made the transitions as smooth as possible. We are very pleased with the outcome and the support has been as promised. Would recommend them to any business looking to switch.”

Kelley Shrewsbury, Get Movin' Crew


Since the migration and implementation of Office365, The Get Movin’ Crew has been able to successfully collaborate and share company documents across all locations and staff members. They now no longer have to deal with multiple copies of the same documents and can control which employees have access to folders and files with SharePoint Online.

The Office 365 Phone System (using Skype for Business) has been able to offer them a platform online meetings with dial-in audio options (conference bridge) and use the auto-attendant and call routing as a true business phone system without the need for a receptionist to answer a main line.

With the migration of their email boxes and the use of Outlook, staff members can now successfully share their calendars and properly plan for company or group meetings without the fear of scheduling those meetings during inconvenient times.

And finally, by utilizing OnPar’s training services, all staff are familiar with the applications, how to use them, and, with the video recording of these training sessions, can refer back to them when they need a refresher. As time passes, the employees are continuing to learn and incorporate many of the features available through Office365 into their daily routines.

Business Challenge:

    • Limited storage in DropBox
    • Difficulty sharing and collaborating on company documents
    • Using personal cell phones as a phone system
    • Inability to share calendars in Host Monster


    • Migrated e-mail, calendars, and contacts to Office 365 Hosted Exchange
    • Setup and customized a SharePoint Online site for document organization and storage
    • Migrated data from DropBox into SharePoint Online
    • Implemented Office 365 Phone system and setup auto-attendant and call routing


  • Simplified and easy to use application/software
  • Increased productivity
  • Better platform for document collaboration and data storage
  • Ability to share calendars and secure meeting times
  • Organized call routing and better call handling
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