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Hulsing Hotels

Engaging Employees: Establishing A Company Intranet and Migrating to Hosted Exchange

Business Challenge

Hulsing Hotels, a hotel management company comprised of over 500 employees, has been in business for over 10 years. They manage a vast variety of properties restaurants, fitness centers, medical companies, hotels and real estate leasing. Their mission is to exceed the expectations of customers, associates, and their owners with a strong work ethic and unmatched level of dedication.

As a thriving company, it was imperative that they had a higher quality of communication and data sharing, something they were not experiencing due to the lack of a company intranet. Thus, this hindered efficiency, productivity, and employee communications.


To alleviate the issues they were experiencing, they partnered with OnPar Technologies. OnPar was tasked with migrating their email from Rackspace to Office 365 Hosted Exchange and creating a corprate Team Site using the SharePoint platform.

The new corporate Team Site was created to incorporate all corporate, department and all 19 locations under one unified site. Subsites were implemented to ensure effortless navigation. Company calendars, document libraries, task lists and announcement applications were also integrated for unified company communications, sharing and increased productivity.

Lastly, SharePoint training for both site administrators and end users provided a painless introduction of the new product where employees were able to immediately access, use and succeed with their new Team Site.


As a result of the migration and new SharePoint site, Hulsing has been able to experience an increase in company growth and communication. They are also slowly experiencing an increase in efficiency and productivity as they now have an internal site where employees can access all documents simultaneously.

“OnPar has been nothing short of fantastic. I would highly recommend their experience and service to anyone looking to move to O365.”
Robert Sherwood IT Manager, Hulsing Hotels

In doing so, OnPar procured over 200 Microsoft Office 365 Business Essential licenses directly from Microsoft to complete the migration to Outlook. All outlook profiles were reconfigured and instructions were provided to all employees on how to set up their emails on their mobile devices.

After the migration was complete, all employees also received administrative training from OnPar staff. In addition to the migration, OnPar assisted Hulsing in mapping out site features, settings, permissions, and applications for their SharePoint intranet Team Site.

Business Challenge:

  • Lack of company intranet
  • Outdated email provider


  • Migrated e-mail to Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  • Implemented a SharePoint Team Site
  • Results

    • Increase in company growth and communication
    • Better platform for collaboration and storage of important company information
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