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Ignite Social Media – Downtimes and subpar connectivity were preventing Ignite from reaching its full potential.

Business Challenge

Ignite Social Media helps a variety of consumer goods businesses create and benefit from a social media presence. Of course, their systems and connectivity infrastructure are critical to their clients’ success and their own. However, they were experiencing downtimes and subpar connectivity performance. Ignite needed a technology partner knowledgeable about software and hardware, but also one that understood network architecture – the equipment, physical wiring and wireless network design required to handle the capacity they needed while optimizing speed and ensuring uptime.


With their new infrastructure and configuration, Ignite has access to 100% of their system capacity where they were limited to as little as 75% before. Their wireless network now allows them to confidently operate untethered while collaborating via Skype and Office 365. Downtime is practically non-existent where they had experienced as much as 5% downtime previously. They reduced their cloud server costs by at least 25%. And remember that recommendation to spend in the neighborhood of $30,000 for new hardware? OnPar Technologies was able to deliver a new, upgraded capability with optimized capacity and practically no downtime for hardware costs of about 1/3rd of that recommendation.

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OnPar Technologies has developed into an invaluable partner for us at Ignite Social Media. They provide everything from day-to-day software/hardware support to Office 365/Skype for Business consultation to environment/office build-outs and everything in between. After working with more traditional/old school IT vendors in the past, it became obvious that we needed an IT partner who could support a growing social media agency that leans heavily on the use of cutting edge technologies and tools. We run a lean, flexible, and mobile-focused shop that requires the same in our IT partner. OnPar Technologies offers the optimal mix of technologies and approaches that allow Ignite Social Media to focus on the things we do best — developing amazing social media campaigns for our clients.

Gene Smith Chief Technology Officer, Ignite Social Media


Other technology providers recommended that Ignite invest in approximately $30,000 worth of computer hardware and that would solve their issues. OnPar Technologies, took time to review their hardware and software, but also assess the physical structure of their networks and understand the system capacity their business needed – now and for the future. We redesigned and upgraded their internal wired and wireless infrastructure. They upgraded their hardware, but with significantly less hardware than other providers suggested. They optimized Ignite’s cloud system capability, avoiding dependence on and cost of local servers, and reduced their cloud server costs by moving to Azure. OnPar Technologies provides system maintenance and support 24/7 so Ignite’s IT team can focus on their expertise – social media.

OnPar Technologies is also Ignite’s onboarding resource for their employees. With a better cloud system design and always available onboarding resource, new employees now have systems access in 15 minutes when it had taken two hours previously.


  • Need technology partner that understands complex system infrastructure
  • Reduce system downtime and optimize use of technology assets and investments
  • Solutions Implemented

  • Upgraded and restructured physical and wireless infrastructure as well as redesigning systems software and access
  • Switched cloud server to Azure platform to optimize performance and reduce cost
  • Results

  • Reduced employee onboarding time by more than 85%
  • Cloud server cost reduced by 25%