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Reducing Downtime: Migrating to Office 365 To Increase Efficiency, Security, and Productivity

Business Challenge

Ingle Law, a full-service law office founded in 2011, provides legal assistance for real estate, wills, family, criminal law and much more. Currently the law office is comprised of 5 full time employees as well as 2 part-time employees, and 2 abstractors. Since 2011, Ingle Law’s staff has been increasing, however, the technology they were using was outdated as it didn’t suit the growing number of employees.

They were using a free email provider and were constantly experiencing downtime with their emails; therefore, they needed an updated solution as their free email provider no longer suited their company. In addition to their email, they also needed to update their office communication as they were using multiple programs for instant messaging, emailing, and document sharing.

Finally, they also wanted a solution that would enable the sharing of documents, storing closed files online, encrypting email, and much more. The combination of those issues were hindering their productivity and efficiency as a law office.


The migration to Office 365 has allowed Ingle Law to experience an increase in efficiency and security as they now have encryption protection, routine cloud back-ups, and secure file storage.

Their old email provider consistently left them with downtime issues and thus they were unable to send or receive emails to clients hindering their productivity. With the new O365 interface, they have been able to experience a new level of productivity among employees.

As a result of their migration, they now have the technology to suit their rapidly growing firm and attract new talent.

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“The process was very smooth; everything was handled professionally and the transition was virtually seamless for our team”
Tina McClain Office Manager, Ingle Law


OnPar was the first and only solution provider Ingle Law had contacted. After speaking with the OnPar team, Ingle Law decided that OnPar was a great fit for their needs. OnPar Technologies was then tasked with migrating their email to Office 365 Hosted Exchange as well as implementing encryption.

In addition, OnPar was also responsible for procuring Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium and Azure Rights Management licenses for employees. Once the migration was completed, OnPar provided Microsoft Office 365 administrative training.

Business Challenge

  • Consistently experiencing email downtime
  • Using numerous programs to do daily tasks
  • Needed a secure solution to house all confidential documents


  • Migrated email to the Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  • Implemented email encryption
  • Installed Office 2016 applications
  • Created a secure SharePoint to house documents


  • Increase in efficiency and security
  • Ability for greater productivity as they are no longer experiencing email downtime
  • Better quality technology to suit growing firm