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Interloop North America – Learn & Leverage Your Technology Investment

Business Challenge

Interloop North America (ILNA) is a growing marketer of hosiery products with facilities and business partners throughout the globe. Recently, ILNA invested in hardware and software and contracted with a firm to provide training and service. Unfortunately, the training was inadequate and the service was slow and cursory. Frustrated and anxious to leverage their technology, Interloop decided to search for a technology firm they could trust to deliver training and service and would be a real technology partner that could anticipate their needs in addition to fixing problems.


With their team trained on Sharepoint and Office 365 capabilities, ILNA has improved efficiency. Many hours are saved with immediate access to shared files – avoiding sending files and revising files to ensure data integrity. Efficiency benefits also include ensuring each staff member’s hardware is operating with the correct software. Improved security by installing appropriate security measures, anti-virus protection and automated patch tools system wide. ILNA has delegated all PC technology servicing and planning to OnPar, greatly reducing internal hours associated with technology management without adding to their headcount.

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Through a random introduction at a Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce event, ILNA was introduced to OnPar Technologies. ILNA met with OnPar representatives and decided to “test” their services in the fall of 2015. Impressed with their technical knowledge and quick response, Interloop transitioned all support services to OnPar Technologies within a few months. OnPar reviewed ILNA’s software and hardware assets and learned ILNA’s business operations. With local staff and associates throughout the world involved on projects, ILNA needed to use their technology to facilitate collaboration. OnPar trained the staff on Sharepoint and Office 365. OnPar helped the ILNA team realize they could easily access and work on shared files. OnPar also identified hardware that was incorrectly configured and thus running inefficiently. OnPar is now the trusted resource for all technology issues – avoiding costly delays and need for internal staff to coordinate.

  • Reduce internal time spent on systems management
  • Leverage technology investment by training staff and optimizing configurations
  • Find a technology partner trusted to address IT needs strategically, proactively, efficiently and reliably

Solutions Implemented

  • Immediate training for all staff on Sharepoint and Office 365
  • Reviewed and configured all hardware with software and connectivity tailored to role
  • Deployed effective security software and patching automation
  • Engaged OnPar Technologies for on-going planning, maintenance and support


  • Increased productivity with appropriate technology for each team member
  • Enhanced project efficiency and ideation with improved collaboration and information access
  • Reduced internal time spent on systems management
  • Improved trust in systems reliability and security