Saving Time – Migrating MedSource to Office 365 Hosted Exchange

Business Challenge

MedSource is a full-service niche CRO comprised of over 170 employees that specialize in oncology programs and other complex clinical trials. Their efforts support biopharmaceutical clients who conduct complex trials in the most challenging disease states.

Through their 20 years in business, their services have expanded to include clinical monitoring, clinical project management, regulatory affairs and submissions, QA auditing, study start-up services, feasibility and site selection, data management, biostatistics, safety reporting, and medical monitoring.

MedSource was using an unreliable on-site Exchange Server. The server was creating a single point of failure due to an outdated design and lack of redundancy. The server was never designed to scale to the number of mailboxes needed, therefore it could have impacted MedSource growth pattern.

Thus, MedSource outgrew their hardware and the required maintenance to upkeep an on-site server was increasing. The common maintenance of the Exchange server was going to require MedSource to add an additional headcount to assure normal functionality and up-time. This would have impacted the IT budget and other projects in pipeline.

MedSource determined the time spent supporting the on-site server, the potential upgrade cost and the resources to manage the onsite server were too costly. Therefore the decision to move away from an on-site Exchange Server proved to be too invaluable.


Since the migration, the time spent on supporting the Exchange Server has decreased tremendously. MedSource has been able to calculate 35%-40% regained time to allocate to other projects.

Overall the biggest impact has been the ability to save time, as MedSource can now actually focus on more important projects and not focus on supporting a single server.

The impact of using Office 365 has thus allowed MedSource to continue to grow or shrink as needed through the reliability and availability of Office 365. Through this migration, MedSource can now continue to focus on more impactful projects crucial to their companies mission.

“The process was overall very simple. Our partner, OnPar, was a great help to make the transition easy and uneventful.”
Jancarlo Durand IT Manager, Medsource


After making the decision to move, MedSource began comparing different providers such as Amazon Email and Google Apps. But after much review they realized that Office 365 had better integration points with other Microsoft applications that they could use in the future.

In addition, the vision of MedSource was to embrace the cloud technologies and its benefits. It was determined that Office 365 could provide more flexibility and alignment to their IT roadmap.

Jancarlo Durand, IT Manager of MedSource, states “I calculated the time we spent supporting our current Exchange Server and how much it would have cost us to upgrade our current version versus getting on Office 365 and removing the single point of failure in our email server. As an SMB having a full failover and multiple internet lines to support a full Exchange solution was price prohibited and had a very small ROI. Getting an on-site Exchange Server would not make sense when we could actually have the best solution, maintenance, and support from Microsoft. No internal IT team can match that.”

Once MedSource realized that removing the support of owning an Exchange Server could be re-allocated to other projects, they contacted OnPar Technologies.

OnPar Technologies was then tasked with migrating MedSource’s email from their current Exchange 2011 solution to Office 365 Hosted Exchange. Overall, OnPar migrated 177 email inboxes including calendars and contacts. Once the migration was complete, staff members received Microsoft Office 365 administrative training.

Business Challenge:

  • Unreliable on-site Exchange Server
  • Outgrew hardware and maintenance


  • Migrated e-mail to Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  • Utilized Azure solutions


  • Time spent supporting Exchange Server has decreased
  • Ability to grow or shrink as the company needs
“My experience working with the OnPar team has been fantastic. OnPar came recommended to us by an industry peer and with full confidence I can say that they did not disappoint. The OnPar team was very professional and extremely knowledgeable since the very beginning. Throughout the implementation, the team kept in touch with me and provided answers to my questions quickly as they arose. When issues appeared, they were able to fix them quickly and with minimum impact to the implementation/deployment schedule. The migration overall went very smooth and had no major issues. I would be extremely happy to work with OnPar again in the future if given the chance as they fully met my expectations in terms of responsiveness, knowledge and process.”
Jancarlo Durand IT Manager, Medsource
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