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Identity and Access Management

Determine who and what is allowed into your systems

As more employees are working remotely and bring their own devices into the office, maintaining control over their applications across corporate datacenters and public cloud platforms has never been more difficult.

OnPar Technologies transforms your business by delivering identity and access management solutions that help protect your organization’s valuable information assets. OnPar Technologies partners with Microsoft to ensure that you maximize your returns on investments in Microsoft Technologies. We utilize Azure Active Directory and Windows 10 to safeguard your corporate resources.

  • Create and manage a single identity for each user across your hybrid enterprise, keeping users, groups and devices in sync
  • Provide single sign-on access to your applications, including thousands of pre-integrated web-based services
  • Protect identities by enforcing access policies and multi-factor authentication for both on-premises and cloud applications
  • Get secure remote access to on-premises web applications through Azure Active Directory
  • Improve user productivity with self-service password reset and application access requests for directories in the datacenter and the cloud
  • Take advantage of the high-availability and reliability of an enterprise-grade, cloud-based identity and access management solution