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Modern Infrastructure

Run your business on Microsoft’s highly secure, highly reliable cloud servers

OnPar Technologies uses the most trusted cloud in the industry to protect your business: Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure protects your assets by focusing on security, privacy, transparency, and compliance. By using Azure’s cloud server infrastructure, OnPar Technologies can better detect and mitigate threats through a centralized security system and offer the most comprehensive compliance coverage.

The cloud model is the new way to think about your datacenter. Many organizations are looking to become more agile and ensure better services, but they also want the cost savings associated with a cloud migration. When you move to the cloud, time spent maintaining hardware and updating software are significantly reduced. What’s more, it dramatically simplifies your IT, and lets you access apps and data on virtually any device.

With OnPar Technologies’s Identity and Access Management solutions, you can:

  • Create and manage a single identity for each user across your hybrid enterprise, keeping users, groups and devices in sync
  • Provide single sign-on access to your applications, including thousands of pre-integrated web-based services
  • Protect identities by enforcing access policies and multi-factor authentication for both on-premises and cloud applications
  • Get secure remote access to on-premises web applications through Azure Active Directory
  • Improve user productivity with self-service password reset and application access requests for directories in the datacenter and the cloud
  • Take advantage of the high-availability and reliability of an enterprise-grade, cloud-based identity and access management solution