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Services To Enhance Potential – Non-profit Takes Advantage of Technology

Business Challenge

Services To Enhance Potential (STEP) is a non-profit operating in nine locations in southeast Michigan helping individuals with disabilities find and prepare for employment. STEP has operated since 1973 and has over 1,300 clients. Over the years, STEP had accumulated a variety of hardware and software. The inconsistency and age of their system resulted in increasing downtime, repairs and incompatibility. The system issues were affecting productivity and preventing the centralized management team from effectively communicating with all of their locations. STEP wanted a technology partner that could address their technology issues and appreciate the mission and financial circumstances of a non-profit.


With consistent, upgraded hardware and software STEP now has virtually no downtime issues. Avoiding downtime has saved them approximately $60,000 a year. More importantly, the productivity they were losing as a result of the downtime and system incompatibility has been reduced dramatically saving them over 1,000 man hours a year. OnPar’s knowledge of and relationship with Microsoft helped STEP take advantage of their non-profit status, saving about $5,000 a year in software licensing fees. STEP now has the system and the bandwidth to effectively manage all of their locations and a secure system protecting the information critical to their operations.

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OnPar IT technicians have been great to work with. They provide us with very responsive IT support services and know our computer network inside and out.
Virginia Silvey Service Manager, Services to Enhance Potential


STEP selected OnPar Technologies to review their situation and propose a solution to address their challenges. After a thorough review of their organization, hardware, software and communications infrastructure, OnPar proposed and ultimately implemented a multi-pronged solution to upgrade and standardize their hardware and software. Approximately 50 percent of their hardware and software needed to be replaced. STEP moved to the cloud software, Office 365 – avoiding some hardware costs due to the new cloud capability and also saving licensing fees due to their non-profit status. The upgrade gave them a secure network and dropped their need for service calls and repair downtime to virtually zero. With the savings from no repair expenses and reduced licensing fees, OnPar was also able to improve their communications infrastructure and upgrade their internet bandwidth. Along with their connectivity and cloud platform, OnPar also installed a true business continuity back-up. If STEP’s system ever goes down their back-up is up-to-date and accessible immediately.

  • Reduce system repair downtime
  • Address productivity and communications issues due to system incompatibility and aging infrastructure
  • Find a technology partner to address system issues while appreciating organization mission and financial circumstances

  • Upgraded half of STEP hardware and shifted half of software to cloud platform with Office 365
  • Switch to cloud platform included a Datto business continuity back-up capability
  • Enhanced communications infrastructure, upgraded internet bandwidth and improved security
  • Adopted OnPar as ongoing technology partner to ensure office support and system maintenance


  • Downtime declined to virtually zero, saving approximately $60,000 annually
  • Licensing fee savings of around $5,000 annually
  • Roughly 1000 man hours of productivity improvement