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Stone Transport – An established transportation and logistics company that wanted to improve performance and profit.

Business Challenge

Stone Transport has been a successful, growing transportation and logistics company for more than 40 years. Stone’s focus on maximizing their transportation assets and bringing innovative logistics solutions to their clients has been the strategy that has fueled their success.

In order to maintain their focus, Stone utilizes partners with expertise in areas that are complementary to their business. They identified OnPar Technologies as their key IT technology expert and have leveraged that relationship for more than 20 years.

One of Stone’s challenges in maximizing transportation assets was to track and monitor more than 300 trucks over an ever increasing territory. Initially, much of the information was manually tracked, entered into on-site servers and often different data was held in different databases. Stone recognized that the process was slow and cumbersome.


Leveraging their new found performance insights, Stone was able to improve their performance in a variety of ways. Drivers are now directed to the most efficient routes to travel that maximize speed, minimize stops and optimize backhaul load options. Driver regulation and vehicle maintenance compliance is automated and continually documented to ensure drivers get the appropriate rest and that vehicles are safe and functioning well. The data also allowed Stone to segregate driver and truck data to understand human as well as asset performance.

The efficiency Stone gains from its sophisticated monitoring and analysis allows Stone to offer competitive rates and still capture a healthy return on its assets. The new information has also given Stone the information to determine the best industries and geographies to optimize their future growth and profitability.

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Without reservation I recommend OnPar Technologies for its Managed Services and Information Technology Consulting practice. Guided by their strategic thinking, our companies have reduced information technology costs by over 30% utilizing cloud services, simplifying processes and consolidating resources.
Steve Anderson President, Stone Transport


Stone asked OnPar Technologies to assess their situation and to recommend technologies that could improve their process. We took time to review the internal process, current in-house hardware and software, current fleet of assets and the geographic footprint the Stone fleet covered.

OnPar Technologies recommended and ultimately implemented a solution that utilized state-of-the-art hardware and software that took advantage of cellular networks. The tailored solution allowed Stone to not only track, but to understand speed, stops and engine performance constantly and to have that data for every driver and truck. The new system stored the data in a central, cloud-based database which allowed all of Stone’s operational managers to access and analyze the same data from anywhere, on any device in real time.


  • Track and monitor fleet of over 300 trucks
  • Improve logistics and route efficiency
Solutions Implemented
  • Central data analysis & access with Microsoft 365
  • Critical data pushed to users with Azure


  • 45% increase in route performance
  • 30% reduction in IT expenses