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Business Challenge

Triangle Insights Group (TIG) is a new, rapidly expanding life sciences consulting firm headquartered in Durham, N.C. TIG has grown quickly since its founding, so one of its managing partner tried to handle the firm’s technology, as well as its operations. TIG recognized, however, that it needed a technology partner to keep its system up to date, help it plan for growth, and support and maintain its system without the need for an IT staff.


TIG’s new wireless infrastructure has improved staff productivity significantly by avoiding signal downtime. With cloud storage access, the firm’s staff is able to contribute to project analysis and solution design far more rapidly – shortening project time and improving the team’s ability to assess different approaches. With OnPar as the designated systems resource, proper system maintenance and planning occurs as scheduled and TIG avoids headcount growth in IT, an area not core to its business.

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Gautam Aggarwal Owner, Triangle Insights Group


Impressed with their technology expertise and strategic business approach, TIG tapped OnPar Technologies to manage the firm’s technology investments. OnPar reviewed TIG’s software, hardware and communications infrastructure, and learned TIG’s business operations. As a team of consultants, TIG’s staff is very mobile, so OnPar rebuilt the firm’s internal wireless communications to ensure they never lose a signal. OnPar also constructed TIG’s infrastructure so it can integrate with different and new technologies seamlessly. The cloud storage solution implemented for TIG gives all of its staff access to the same data – anywhere in the world. Because TIG engaged OnPar as its technology resource, the firm’s team is able to concentrate on its core business: life sciences consulting.


  • Reduce internal time spent on systems management
  • Plan and implement an up-to-date technology infrastructure that fits business needs
  • Find a technology partner to develop an IT strategy, maintain and support the firm’s system, and avoid internal headcount growth

Solutions Implemented

  • New wireless communications infrastructure to ensure connectivity
  • Cloud storage solution to facilitate consultant collaboration and data access
  • Engaged OnPar Technologies for on-going planning, maintenance and support


  • Increased productivity with no more connection downtime
  • Enhanced project efficiency and ideation with improved collaboration and information access
  • Avoided headcount growth and reduced internal time spent on systems management