WBFJ – Aligning Your Technology with Your Business.

Business Challenge

A popular radio station serving the Triad area of North Carolina, WBFJ, believed keeping their computer systems aligned with their growth and business needs was important. Investments in servers and software several years earlier had served them well, but they recognized technologies had changed and their current servers were no longer supported. They needed a technology partner that could advise them on the best solutions for their business now and into the future


The new cloud server solution has given WBFJ the flexibility to increase their server capacity when they need it, avoiding having to anticipate and pay for their future needs well ahead of time. Instead of a 5-digit capital outlay, WBFJ has a modest monthly fee. The shared Office 356 software means everyone has continually updated software, access from any location and, with their non-profit status, no longer incurs that expense. Now WBFJ has aligned their technology with their business and has the flexibility to maintain their systems at the pace their business requires.

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“Absolutely wonderful to deal with and exceptional service.
They are on time and have the most capable staff! This is a TEN
star company!”

Dana Evans Staff Accountant , WBFJ


WBFJ selected OnPar Technologies to assess their needs and recommend solutions to help them continue growing and allow them flexibility while avoiding a significant capital outlay. OnPar reviewed their current software, hardware and processes and discussed their expectations for future growth and business changes. OnPar recommended moving from local servers to a cloud server solution. The cloud solution has a monthly charge, so no capital outlay was needed. The cloud servers also ensure if disaster occurs WBFJ’s data is safe and immediately accessible. The cloud solution included shared software, Office 365. The cloud software upgrades automatically as new versions are available and, due to WBFJ’s non-profit status, the company received it for free.


  • Align technology with business now and build flexibility for future growth
  • Avoid significant capital investments
  • Solutions Implemented

    • Cloud server solution with flexible capacity through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud
    • Share software access and seamless software upgrades through Microsoft 365
    • Results

    • Upgraded server capability while avoiding 5-digit capital outlay
    • Improved software access and built-in upgrades at no cost